Upcoming Fixtures

Upcoming UKRDA Bouts will be listed shortly on this page.

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  1. Anaslaysia says:

    I am an British expat living in Western Australia and a recently converted RD fanatic :-)

    I train with the gorgeous girls of WARD and would love to get a feel for UK derby and see a bout when I am be back in the motherland in Jan 2012.

    I have lived in Australia nearly 7 years and don’t get back much so any info you have would be much appreciated!

    Many thanks,

    WA Roller Derby

  2. UKRDA Admin says:

    Fixtures page is coming soon – for now, you might want to click on the league links in the members page for the leagues in the cities you’re going to be visiting while here – their fixtures should be up.

  3. David says:

    Keep me posted about fixtures. Ta.

  4. Shula says:

    Hi …

    I’m very keen on joining a group but I live in London Docklands and cant find a roller group to join. I have been on the roller girls waiting list since Dec2010 and nothing yet .

    please, please,please can you help me find a group in Docklands or somewhere near before I lose all hope
    Thanks Shula

  5. UKRDA Admin says:

    Are you sure you’re on the waiting list? You might want to contact the league and make aure as they have had intakes. If it helps, there are three leagues in London – London Rollergirls, London Rockin Rollers and Croydon.

  6. Niamh says:


    I don’t make the age requirements for most RD groups, so I have been looking for junior roller derby groups. I have found many in the US but none anywhere near where I live (London). I was wondering whether there are any junior leagues in London.

    Many thanks, Niamh.

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