UKRDA strikes deal on bespoke roller derby insurance

The UKRDA is proud to announce its partnership with Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd.

This new relationship will allow Jelf – working exclusively with Sportcover Europe – to provide the UKRDA and its members with bespoke insurance, tailored to suit the needs of a roller derby skater, official and league. They also provide support and risk management services.

Sportcover Europe are one of the world’s leading specialists in sports and leisure insurance and the partnership allows UKRDA to offer the RIGHT insurance to members at a special low premium rate.

The club insurance package includes public liability, professional indemnity and employers’ liability cover, which are essential to ensure that your league, your coaches, skaters, officials and volunteers – as well as all of your events – are properly insured.

There are also additional options for skaters, including Sport Accident Cover from as low as £5 per annum, which insures skaters against personal injury when playing roller derby.

And there is travel insurance at very competitive rates, so that teams and officials are covered while travelling to play roller derby, which will be accepted at WFTDA tournaments and events.

Enquiries can be directed to

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Welcome to Furness Firecrackers!

Furness FirecrackersFurness Firecrackers formed from very humble beginnings in late 2010. Since then despite the challenges of geography, Barrow being at the bottom of a peninsula, an hour or two away from any cities, it has grown to produce two fantastic ladies teams (The Furness Firecrackers and The Flaming Noras) and our men’s team the Barrow Infernos!

The Firecrackers are the only roller derby league in the large county of Cumbria which makes sharing difficult at times, however they strive to visit and support nearby teams whenever and however possible and pride themselves on being a sporting, friendly, supportive and inclusive league. Although currently without a suitable venue for training or bouts they continue to run newbie intakes and train on and off skates in a derelict factory canteen. This demonstrates the commitment and determination of the league to the sport of roller derby. The fact that Furness have managed to increase their league membership at this time is a testament to the team spirit and resilience.

This year the Firecrackers have focused on the British Championships with both the men and the ladies A team performing well in their respective tiers, the men also playing in the Men’s European Cup this year.

“We are pleased to be joining the UKRDA and intend to contribute with the same level of positivity and enthusiasm we dedicate to our own league. We look forward to seeing you on or off the track soon.”

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New Men’s Rankings Released

The men’s UKRDA rankings have been released for the very first time, and Manchester Roller Derby have taken the top spot.

Rank Team Rating Diff
1 Manchester Roller Derby 752.8 Initial
2 The Inhuman League 724.1 Initial
3 Crash Test Brummies 694.3 Initial
4 Milton Keynes Roller Derby 673.2 Initial
5 Nottingham Roller Derby 665.4 Initial

The rankings are based on games played and paperwork submitted before June 30th, 2015 and represent the positions as of July 1st, 2015. Teams are added to the rankings after playing their first sanctioned game against already ranked teams.

This is to ensure that the rankings are not too skewed by initial games.

You can also view past rankings posts using the rankings tag.

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Women’s Q3 Rankings Released

The latest UKRDA women’s rankings have been released, and Glasgow have held onto their number one position.

The British Championships has seen a lot of sanctioned gameplay, which has factored into the Q3 rankings.

And appearing in the rankings for the first time are the South West Angels of Terror.

These rankings are current as of Quarter 3, 2015

Rank Team Rating Diff
1 Glasgow Roller Derby 764.9 25.5
2 Auld Reekie Roller Girls 708.9 11.8
3 Middlesborough Milk Rollers 689.6 6.2
4 Tiger Bay Brawlers 688.2 30.7
5 Newcastle Roller Girls 678.9 24.1
6 Nottingham Hellfire Harlots 671.0 11.0
7 Central City Rollergirls 669.3 15.5
8 Royal Windsor Roller Girls 663.6 4.9
9 Rainy City Roller Girls 662.8 4.7
10 Leeds Roller Dolls 654.5 11.2
11 Hot Wheel Roller Derby 651.4 6.6
12 South West Angels of Terror 639.1 Initial
13 Belfast Roller Derby 636.0 18.1
14 Swansea City Roller Derby 633.3 22.5
15 London Rockin’ Rollers 625.1 2.6
16 Brighton Rockers Roller Deby 620.8 4.9
17 Bristol Roller Derby 615.8 25.9
18 Birmingham Blitz Dames 611.6 23.8
19 Cambridge Rollerbillies 607.9 3.8
20 Plymouth City Roller Girls 607.6 0.0
21 Croydon Roller Derby 607.1 6.7
22 Sheffield Steel Rollergirls 590.1 9.4
23 Portsmouth Roller Wenches 588.2 4.3
24 Hereford Roller Girls 582.0 0.0
25 Manchester Roller Derby 578.9 15.3
26 Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls 574.6 2.3
27 Liverpool Roller Birds 573.4 21.3
28 Oxford Roller Derby 567.1 2.4
29 Reaper Roller Girls 565.7 0.0
30 Kent Roller Girls 564.8 1.5
31 Big Bucks High Rollers 561.5 0.0
32 Nottingham Roller Derby 557.4 17.9
33 Dundee Roller Girls 554.6 8.1
34 Seaside Siren Roller Girls 554.1 21.8
35 Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby 551.7 0.0
36 Severn Roller Torrent 550.7 0.0
37 Hulls Angels Roller Dames 548.0 12.9
38 Haunted City Rollers 544.7 0.0
39 Fierce Valley Roller Derby 538.2 0.0
40 Milton Keynes Roller Derby 531.4 4.5
41 Granite City Roller Girls 522.0 13.2
42 Dolly Rockit Rollers 514.2 46.5
43 Halifax Bruising Banditas 512.3 9.4
44 Rebellion Roller Derby 510.3 0.0
45 The Norfolk Brawds 481.6 0.0
46 Eastbourne Roller Derby 440.6 0.0

The rankings are based on games played and paperwork submitted before June 30th, 2015 and represent the positions as of July 1st, 2015. Teams are added to the rankings after playing their first sanctioned game against already ranked teams.

This is to ensure that the rankings are not too skewed by initial games.

You can also view past rankings posts using the rankings tag.

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Junior Roller Derby Month competition


The UKRDA is very excited to announce a new Junior-focused initiative!

The idea was inspired by a similar programme ran by Smarty Pants of TXRD who conducted an essay competition for junior players in anticipation of JuniorCon. The winner(s) of the competition received the ‘Get Smarty Scholarship’ of a free full pass to Junior Con.

The UKRDA has put together a similar competition for all junior skaters (or aspiring skaters) in the UK, regardless of whether or not they are UKRDA members, in order to promote and raise the profile of junior roller derby in the UK.

So, if you are or you know an aspiring junior roller derby athlete please take a look at the guidelines and have a go at entering!

We have selected the following titles for the subject of the competition:

My Favourite Thing About Roller Derby
A Time When Roller Derby Helped Me

Entrants are welcome to submit their answer in any form they wish, among those suggested are: Essay, poem, story, original song, video, painting/visual artwork, collage, animation or anything you can think of!

Please download and read the competition guidelines and make sure you complete the cover page and submit it along side your entry.

Submit all entries by the 26th of July 2015 to be in with the chance of winning some very special prizes and opportunities for you and your team – these will be announced shortly.

Your work will also be assessed by a star-studded panel of some of the UK’s most prominent roller derby greats who will also be announced in due course!

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July is Junior Roller Derby Month!

In order to promote junior roller derby in the UK, the UKRDA has decided to make July Junior Roller Derby Month!

With two junior roller derby games taking place during July, we felt it was the perfect time to show off the next generation of skaters in our sport.

The first game features the Tiger Bay Brawlers junior team, the Tiger Bay Cubs, who will be playing at their home bout this Saturday (July 4). And there will be a fantastic junior expo game at Eastbourne Extreme on Saturday July 18.

Please go to these events and show your support for junior roller derby in the UK and the burgeoning talent that these young players are putting on display.

We also want to feature as many UK junior teams and skaters as possible throughout the month, so get in touch if you want your junior skaters featured.

And it gets even better!

As part of Junior Roller Derby Month, the UKRDA will be running a month-long competition for all junior skaters (regardless of their league affiliation) in the UK. And they could win some fantastic roller derby experiences for themselves and their team.

If you are at all interested in starting a junior team within your own league, please get in touch with And if you run a juniors team and wish to be featured as part of Junior Roller Derby Month, please email

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Welcome to Southern Discomfort Roller Derby

Southern DiscomfortFormed in November 2010 Southern Discomfort Roller Derby (SDRD or So Disco) is a men’s roller derby league based in London, England.

Since their formation, SDRD has developed into a top ten MRDA team and has repeatedly been European champions. Southern Discomfort were winners of the inaugural Men’s European Roller Derby Championship in 2012, and were also victorious most recently in claiming the 2014 Men’s European Cup title. SDRD also featured in 2014’s MRDA Championships in Seattle, and came away placed fifth overall.

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Welcome to The Vendetta Vixens!

Vendetta VixensThe Vendetta Vixens are a skater run and supported league that have been established since March 2011. During this time they have grown from having five members to currently having in excess of 30 skaters attending across our beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions. Their ethos has always been that of a democratic skater run and funded team. The Vixens are fortunate to have the support of talented and committed individuals and good relationships with local teams who have enabled them to achieve their goals to date including participating in The End of the World Series in 2012 and the Heartland 2013 and 2014 tournaments in addition to hosting a number of public games.

Our on-going aims are to participate in the British Championship’s and improve our rankings and performance throughout the season. We also aim to raise the profile of our B team who started bouting publicly last year. Additional aims include to continue to raise awareness of and gain funds for our team through various fund raising activities to enable us to buy further training equipment and put on public games both within and outside of the British Championships. Our fundraising activities also include raising money for local charities; currently we raise money for Northamptonshire Lowdown, a service providing free and confidential support for young people.

The Vendetta Vixens are proud of their reputation of being an approachable and welcoming team both to join and to play against. The team works hard to prove themselves to be worthy components and is grateful for the advice and support from teams that they have played and trained with over the past three years. The team always reflects the positive promotion of Roller Derby as indicated by their conduct and support of local charities and events.

The Vendetta Vixens will continue to operate as a democratic skater run and financed team and we hope that 2015 will enable us to build on our achievements to date, welcome new members and face new opponents.

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Welcome to Bath Roller Derby Girls!

Bath Roller Derby GirlsBath Roller Derby Girls were founded in 2012, and strive to uphold their reputation as an exceptionally friendly league, who give back to the roller derby community, and throw everything they have into their training and on-track performance.

They’re incredibly proud of their solid skater retention rate, which they attribute to the emphasis placed on team spirit, support for all abilities and the league’s collective attitude of inclusivity. As a result of this loyalty to the league, BRDG has enjoyed steady, continuous growth since starting up, leading to the establishment of strong A and B Travel Teams (both climbing the rankings) and regular full rosters for our bouts.

Membership of the UKRDA is an important milestone in the story of our league; we’re delighted that we can play a part in the promotion, support and growth of roller derby, and are excited to see what the future holds, as our own league develops alongside.

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Welcome to Red, White and Bruise Rollers!

Red, White and Bruise RollersThe Red, White, and Bruise Rollers are a group of Yanks associated with the military in the UK. Some are military dependants, some are active-duty military, a few are contractors, and all are all die-hard derby fans.

RWBR are based out of RAF Lakenheath and were established June 2012.

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